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TV Guide Magazine: Isn’t this what killed Moonlighting all those years ago? The two main characters got it on and their chemistry died, right?
Laurie: That show was different, as I recall. Those characters hated each other and didn’t want to be together. House definitely wants to be with Cuddy and Cuddy is right there with him.
Edelstein: Right. House and Cuddy have worked together but never felt handcuffed. Though handcuffs are an interesting idea.
Laurie: Careful. I smell a land mine.
Edelstein: Besides, this isn’t just the simple release of sexual tension.
Laurie: Not at all. It’s the beginning of something and actually can bring much, much greater tension than a simple… release, as Lisa so bravely put it.

TV Guide Magazine: How shocked were you when executive producer David Shore shared the top-secret script pages that ended last season with your characters finally hooking up?
Laurie: We had a bit of a suspicion, didn’t we?
Edelstein: Yeah, yeah. Cuddy and House couldn’t just keep dancing around it forever and ever.
Laurie: But we didn’t actually know how the scene was going to go.

TV Guide Magazine: Did it go awkwardly? You’ve worked together for so long, it’s the equivalent — in the real world — of having to kiss one’s office manager or something.
Laurie: I was going to say it was like sleeping with my sister, but that just…
Edelstein: That’s just wrong in so many ways.
Laurie: In so many ways.
Edelstein: We had kissed before on the show, so we sort of got that out of the way several times. Like, OK, that’s done. But the whole taking someone’s pants off, as I had to do in the opening episode this season, was a bit more extreme.
Laurie: And you’re doing it in front of 30 or 40 people, rather than just the two of us.
Edelstein: That’s a lot of guys in jeans, arms folded, waiting for the scene where I have to take my robe off and stand there in a pair of nude-colored panties. I’d have to yell, “Private moment!” and they’d all sort of avert their gaze.
Laurie: Except that one guy.
Edelstein: Oh, God. This one random security guard showed up and had no purpose other than to stare straight at us.
Laurie: He was a fireman, actually, and he seemed certain a fire would break out right there between my…
Edelstein: Um, land mine!

TV Guide Magazine: Well, thank goodness for the laptop this season that kept you from showing us the full House, so to speak.
Laurie: It was a 17-inch laptop, by the way. Write that down. I don’t want your readers to think I could get away with the 13-incher.
Edelstein: Can you write down that I’m blushing?

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House Week | Day 3: Favorite Ship.

↳Gregory House and Lisa Cuddy. “I was gonna come see you. Figure out where things would go from there.”